Unblock YouTube
  • Can I check that it works before I pay anything?

    Yes! You can try the service here

  • Is it possible to unblock youtube from the United States?

    Yes! Dynamic-Proxy can unblock youtube from anywhere, including the United States. We have customers connect to YouTube from Iran, Venezuela, France, Italy, China, Saudi Arabia and many other countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

  • Will you install anything on my computer?

    Absolutely Not! We can unblock Youtube without installing anything on your computer. You will only need a web browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Safari.

  • How come you are not blocked?

    When new subscribers join our service we send them an email with their user name, password and a web address where they should log in. This web address is totaly random and changes very often. When you logon to the address we send you you can unblock youtube, unblock facebook, unblock google and many other sites.

  • Do you keep my billing information secure?

    Yes! More than that, we don't eve keep your credit card number on our server as we use Paypal and they keep the numbers for themselves. They will never give us your credit card number, all they do is transfer us your monthly payment.

  • Do you accept any credit card?

    Yes. As mentioned before, we use Paypal for billing, and Paypal accepts all major credit cards.

  • Are you part of Youtube?

    No. We are not part of Youtube, we are not part of Google and we know them like you do. They don't pay us and we don't pay them. We are only paid by our subscribers that use our service in order to unblock youtube.

  • How do I signup?

    Click here to signup.

"I can see youtube from China!"

"Youtube is such a great site and with your help I can connect to youtube. Thank you very much for great service."

Huang, Guangzhou, China

"YouTube From Iran!"

"Your website looks like all the others, but there is a big difference: yours is the only one that works :-)"

Afsharafshin, Iran

"Finally I have Youtube at work!"

"My boss doesn't like me to go on Youtube in the office. With your help I can do that! Thank you!"

Janice, London