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  • How Can I join the Securitales Affiliate program?

    Just click here

  • How much will I get for every customer I bring to SecuiTales?

    We pay 35% of the first payment we get.
    Our most popular plan is $29 that pays affiliates $10.15 per signup.
    What about the rest?

    Subscription Type Price Commission
    Bi Monthly $16 $5.6
    Semi Annual $29 $10.15
    Annual $56 $19.6

  • How will I get paid?

    You can get paid by PayPal, Cheque, Direct Deposit (US Bank only) or wire-transfer.

  • Who will pay me?

    We are running our affiliate program together with Plimus, a world leader in online payments. They will do all the payments and also provide you advanced tools that will help you track the traffic you bring and your conversion statistics.

  • Will I have access to statistics reports about the traffic I send to SecuriTales?

    Yes. Plimus has an excellent system that not only reports about the sales you generated but also the traffic you referred to our website. This way you can learn and improve your traffic and your marketing campaigns.

  • How does it work?

    Every time a user is referred to our site with an affiliate link, our system stores a cookie in the visitor's computer with your afiliate ID. If the visitor makes a purchase within 90 days (yes, it’s 90 days!) of the first click, you'll get your cake! You don't have to do anything else.

  • How do I build the links to SecuriTales?

    All you need to publish is the following link:

    (You will need to put YOUR Plimus Username where it says YOUR_PLIMUS_USERNAME)

  • Can you create new landing pages especially for me?

    Yes. We know that your success is ours and we are willing to help. If you need a specific landing page that we don't have, send us an email and we will help.

  • Where would you recommend that I publish this link?

    There are so many ways you can choose from, here are some examples:

    • Post this message on your Facebook profile: “Guys, I have found a great way to connect to Facebook from China! It is called SecuriTales, check it out , they have a free trial
      (Don't forget to put YOUR link in this shortcut, not ours)
    • Twitter: Managed to unblock Facebook from China #unblockFaceook
    • Any other Social Media network can do it, not only Facebook and Twitter. Hi5, Orkut, MySpace, GoogleBuzz and all the rest are all excellent places to publish YOUR links.
    • Look for articles about Internet blocks in news sites, blogs and anywhere on the net. Comment on this articles and add YOUR link
    • Send YOUR link by email to your friends, tell them that you found a great way to connect and tell them they can try it for free!
    • Write about it in your blog and post YOUR link.
    • Look for forums or question&answers websites where people ask for a solution to a problem we can solve. Tell them about SecuriTales and offer them to try it for free, with YOUR link.
    • If you have more ideas, we will be more than happy to add them here!

  • Will I get paid immediately?

    No, The affiliate payments depend on Plimus policies. At the moment Plimus pays once a month, but this may change. In addition, since we provide 30 days money back guarantee it is possible that one of the customers you referred to us asked for a refund. In this case we don't make any money and so do you. For more information about Plimus payments please check the Plimus website.

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  • How do I start?

    click here to signup

  • If you have any question regarding this, feel free to contact us.
    Looking forward to hear from you!